an amateur radio and electronics hobbyist blog in north county san diego

Hi! My name is June.

I’m super excited to explore all the different sub-hobbies of amateur radio! I want to build things, chase satellites, try SOTA while hiking, learn CW for low-power operations, and maybe dive into the service aspects as well. This is my blog where I post my progress.

As of March 2020, I am not yet licensed to operate, which means I can listen only. My plan is to take care of a big career-based exam within the next few months before I can dedicate study time to the Technician exam. (I’m contemplating studying for the General exam too to attempt to pass both at once.)

I have also signed up for a beginner CW (morse code) class with CW Academy for September. Hopefully I can get in and the schedule works for me.

For now, I plan on building things that allow me to listen to the amateur bands or otherwise prepare me for the hobby, even if I can’t transmit yet. And this is where you can read about it.